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Chicago Andhra Foundation (CAF)

Enabling Andhra NRIs To Take Part In The Development of Andhra Pradesh

CAF is created as a channel to realize our founders’ and members’ dream of contributing to the development of Andhra Pradesh state.

Areas Of Interest

CAF is interested in participating in the development of our home state, Andhra Pradesh. The following list identifies specific areas of interest with more to be added based on our members’ inputs.

  • Self-employment opportunities for rural women
  • Conduct medical & eye camps in under-served villages
  • Educate rural persons in hygiene and healthy living habits
  • Scholarships for in-need public school students
  • Provide up-to-date market information, weather, and expert advise regarding agriculture to rural farmers
  • Provide bicycles to rural schools, to be distributed to students to aid in their transportation from nearby villages
  • Provide technology equipment & infrastructure to public schools
  • Help fund old-age homes and orphanages
  • Facilitate water purification and sanitation projects in villages
  • Educate the rural youth, especially girls, in higher education opportunities

Project Funding Methods

Help our members help develop their villages

CAF facilitates our sponsoring members make tax exempt contributions to projects that are dear to them. The sponsoring member shall provide information on the scope of the project such as: funding, local resources to help execute the project, benefits of the project, and a feasibility report. Where possible, CAF also will fund a portion of the project costs.

CAF sponsored projects

CAF will identify projects in each district in the state that benefit the general public. The funds for these projects shall be generated from the fundraising events, and member donations. Our initial projects will begin in Rayalaseema and Uttaraandhra regions of Andhra Pradesh.

We will share details on the first set of projects CAF is taking up in this space very soon. Please check this space.

As a member of the Chicago Andhra Association and CAF, please contact us by sending your project ideas in an email to We will contact you to make them a reality!


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