operational committees

  • Sujatha Appalaneni
    Sujatha Appalaneni
    Cultural Committee Chair
  • Neelima Boddu
    Neelima Boddu
    Cultural Committee Co-Chair
  • Sahithi Kotta
    Sahithi Kotta
    Cultural Committee Co-Chair
  • Sirisha Kola
    Sirisha Kola
    Cultural Committee Co-Chair
  • Dr. Uma Katiki
    Dr. Uma Katiki
    Events Committee Chair
  • Kartik Desai
    Kartik Desai
    Events Committee Co-Chair
  • Bhargavi Nettem
    Bhargavi Nettem
    Youth, Health and Education Committee Chair
  • Sandhya Appalaneni
    Sandhya Appalaneni
    Youth, Health and Education Committee Co-Chair
  • Murthy Pisipati
    Murthy Pisipati
    Digital Assets(Website, Social Media) Committee Chair
  • Shailesh Maddi
    Shailesh Maddi
    Digital Assets(Website, Social Media) Committee Co-Chair
  • Sundar Dittakavi
    Sundar Dittakavi
    Public Relations(Media, Press, Publicity)Committee Chair
  • Raj Potluri
    Raj Potluri
    Public Relations(Media, Press, Publicity) Committee Co-Chair
  • Kiran Vankayalapati
    Kiran Vankayalapati
    Women Committee Chair
  • Sunitha Rachpalli
    Sunitha Rachpalli
    Women Committee Co-Chair
  • Suresh Sanakkayala
    Suresh Sanakkayala
    Food Committee Chair
  • Padma Pisipati
    Padma Pisipati
    Food Committee Co-Chair
  • Raghu Baddi
    Raghu Baddi
    Senior CItizens Co-Chair
  • Ramanamurty Yedavalli
    Ramanamurty Yedavalli
    Seniors Citizens Chair
  • Lakshmi Damaraju
    Lakshmi Damaraju
    Senior CItizens Co-Chair
  • Dinkar Karumuri
    Dinkar Karumuri
    Fund Raising Committee Chair
  • Srinivas Pedamallu
    Srinivas Pedamallu
    Fund Raising Committee Co-Chair
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